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Did you know that I recently launched a podcast?

Chronically Living (and how to make the most of it) dives deeper into living with a chronic illness and practical ways in which we can make our lives better and more fulfilling. Every week I bring you a new topic, thought, or guest to help you on your way to making the most out of your life, chronic illness or not.

The show emphasizes not only my perspectives, but those of members of our Spoonie Warrior community, and of health care professionals.

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Where Should I Make New Connections Online? with Amy Sinha Chronically Living and how to make the most of it

Connections, community, networking. These are important for our well-being. We need support, but also we need to just engage with others as social creatures. Lifelong chronic illness warrior Amy Sinha joins me on the show to talk about where to find these connections and how to make them.In this episode we talk about:why connection and community is important for well-beingwhere to make new connections onlinedifferent types of connections to makehow to go about making connectionsGuest Bio:Amy Sinha is a British Asian vocalist, songwriter, present, voice over artist and entrepreneur from Wales, UK. She was submerged in music from an early age, performing in her first talent contest at age 6. She studied classical piano and singing, but developed a intimate love affair with jazz in her teens. She experienced some rare medical conditions in her early years, being declared as being one out of only 5 children like her in the UK at the time. She went on to graduate from Leeds College of Music with a BA (Hons) degree in music specialising in jazz. She released her debut album in 2012 called 'A Sin With Love,' then 3 more singles after that. She released 2 singles with a New York record label. She has a YouTube channel where she has interviewed musicians such as Ronnie Scott's Saxophonist, Derek Nash, Rat Pack Legend, Buddy Greco, and Clint Eastwood's son, Kyle Eastwood.Check out Amy's website: http://www.amysinha.comFollow Amy on Instagram and Facebook: @amysinhaFollow the show on Instagram @chronically.living_ and on Twitter @janevspainSupport the show on Patreon and get exclusive bonus content for each episode.Sign up for Instacart using this link.
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