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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to check out my post. Though almost all the posts on my site will remain as free content, there will be some select posts (once a month normally, but 4 this month) for paying subscribers. Subscriptions are $5/month or $50 for the whole year. These posts will all focus on self-care in more detail. I hope you subscribe and come check them out, and for those who don’t, please continue to enjoy all the free content on my blog, Instagram, and podcast. Have a great day!

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I know that April feels like it was a century ago (I mean really, 2020 has been the longest year ever!) but if you can remember, I did a 30-Day self-care challenge to make sure I was taking care of myself during the beginning of the pandemic. It was especially useful at the time because I was on furlough from work and like many of you, had some anxieties about money. Well, here comes October 2020 and the world is still in peril, so I figured, why not do the challenge again. This time I made it just 28 days, and I hope all of you will participate too!

The original 30-day challenge I completed from April-May this year.

In fact, I’ve made this premium content because I want you to participate! I’m going to set some weekly challenges, with 7 activities each that you can complete on whatever day you choose. Each Saturday, you will be given new challenges for the next week. And you can keep me and everyone else posted on how you’re doing through comments.

Are you as motivated and ready as I look in this picture?

Before we get right into it, I want to make sure that everyone knows what I mean by self-care. We are going above and beyond just doing the basics for ourselves (which can be self-care depending on your situation). There are five dimensions of self-care (I will talk more about in future premium content for you amazing subscribers), that we want to focus on. The Physical dimension focuses on your body; the Emotional dimension is all about feelings and self-compassion; the Social dimension focuses on keeping you connected with others; the Intellectual dimension keeps your mind working (especially great if you’re getting up there in physical age); and the Spiritual dimension focuses on however you like to bring spirituality into your life.

I’ll remind you which dimension each activity fits in as we go. Since I’ll be completing this challenge with you, I want to remind you that sometimes self-care means acknowledging that you’re too busy one day to actually practice self-care. As much as I think it’s important to do something for yourself each day, it isn’t always possible. If that happens to you, just acknowledge that it happened and let it go. This isn’t meant to be stressful!

A lot of the activities are what I call “chill” and everything is little to no cost. The idea is that you should be able to do everything, or at least most things on this challenge!

Okay, so here we go with week one challenges!

  1. Spend 30 minutes reading a book or magazine (intellectual)
  2. Do a 10 minute meditation (spiritual)
  3. Take a 30 minute bath – spice it up with bubbles or epsom salts (emotional/physical)
  4. Colour or do some art – by yourself or with a friend! (emotional/social)
  5. Tac an extra 30 minutes on your daily walk – or go for a walk with a friend! (physical/social)
  6. Do some baking – by yourself or with a friend! (emotional/social/intellectual)
  7. Do 20-30 minutes of yoga – by yourself or with a friend! (spiritual/physical/social)

I can’t wait for next week when we sum up how this went and set our new challenges.
Take care and stay safe!