Self-Isolation Part 4: Healthy Body

This week’s post is dedicated to keeping your body healthy (next week we’ll focus on the mind). It’s definitely more of a struggle for many people. Whether that’s because the gym is closed, you’re sitting more, you’re eating less healthy, your chronic pain is worse, or your mental health struggles are causing physiological reactions, it’s okay to struggle. Right now my focus, because I have chronic pain, is to make sure I’m doing what I can to reduce it and keep myself as healthy as possible.

IMG_6334Spike thinks a healthy body is very important. He takes his insulin and eye drops every day.

Medications… take them! Don’t forget to follow your prescriptions, refill them as you need. I know a lot of lupus warriors, especially in the states, are having trouble getting their hydroxychroloquine prescriptions filled because of what the president claims about it working for covid-19 (the initial study did not have the same results when replicated). If you aren’t able to fill your prescriptions, make sure you are consulting with you doctor so that there is a plan for you to stay as pain free as possible.

IMG_6343Primary medication shelf. All filled up and trying to stay on top of them daily!

Exercise… I know I mentioned this before, but self-isolation walks are really important! Pick paths that are most physically challenging (I like hills), and routes with less people. Cross the street if you need to. In Toronto we have the problem of our sidewalks not accommodating 6 feet and people having to walk on the road… to be honest considering there is way less traffic and I pay attention, it’s okay for the most part. I also read an article a friend posted about how social distancing is further apart if you are running or cycling, make sure you look into this if these are your preferred activities. Indoor exercise is also a good idea. I have several workout routines for all my core muscle groups. It helps me feel strong, the same way going to the gym has helped me over the past year.

IMG_6342Today’s exercise routine. Got it from an awesome app called 30 Day Fitness.

Yoga… technically kind of falls under exercise, but I’m giving its own category, and here’s why: it helps the mind and body at the same time. My preferred yoga is yin, which some people find more difficult because you hold the positions for longer. What I like about it is that it is very meditative while allowing for amazing stretches. I craft out 20 minutes every other day (my challenge for the remained of self-isolation) so that I can feel calm, and limber.

I’ve really been enjoying these particular yoga videos. But honestly there are so many great ones on YouTube.

Food… okay to be honest I really miss going to restaurants. My friend messaged me the other day and said that when restaurants are back open we need to go for sushi. I replied with all you can eat sushi. In the meantime, I do find it helpful to support local restaurants (I don’t bother ordering from chains, I want my local gems to survive) by ordering in once a week. Otherwise, I’ve found this is a great time to try out new healthy recipes (yes, that does mean the occasional trip to the grocery store. I wear a mask when I go), as well as old favourites. Does that mean you shouldn’t bake a cake or pie? No, it just means you might want to freeze half of it for later (unless you’re feeding a whole family, then do what you gotta do).

60868310459__EC9E351D-1A25-4F18-AC77-7B567F0FC63ETeriyaki ribs and vegetables diner from last night.

Keeping your body healthy will ultimately help you feel more stable, and release endorphins that will help you deal with the stress and sadness that comes with this pandemic. Until next week, stay healthy!