Self-Isolation Part 2: Relationships

Self-isolation is hard. Especially when trying to connect with other people. Whether you live alone or with a partner or with your family (all of which there are pros and cons to) it can be difficult to keep emotions and mental health in check. Common problems I’ve heard from others recently are fighting with partners, and trying to balance family time and alone time.  From my own perspective as I live alone, I find that trying to connect to people via text, phone call, or video chat (my preference) can be difficult but is much needed. I thought I’d explore some ways to make it all work today.

IMG_6227My self-isolation buddy.

So, as I mentioned I do not live with a partner. However, I have in the past and though it is a bit harder to have an escape now, I think there are still ways, especially if you and your partner are having more squabbles than normal. Personally, I would try spending some time in different rooms if possible. If you’re both working from home, maybe one person is in the bedroom and the other is in the living room. If you need a mental break, go for a walk (while we still can!) or spending some time doing solitary activities like reading, exercising, or video games. Yes the other person is still there, but there is nothing to say you have to interact 24/7. A lot of this same reasoning could even be applied to balancing family time and alone time.

IMG_6182My eerie self-isolation city hike.

From a single person perspective I find it’s easy to have miscommunication with friends especially if it’s over text or instant messaging. Trying to set up video calls with a different friend every day (and with my parents almost every day) is a lifesaver. No, it’s not the same as being in person but it’s something. Plus there’s a lot of cool apps and ways to even have parties – like HouseParty, Netflix Watch Parties, Zoom/Skype/Facetime all have group chat options. My friend hosted a Buffy watch party on Saturday that was super fun.

7DEDB2C4-9D54-418F-B8B6-41FCE82C3AF2Super fun way to hang out while self-isolating!

Let’s face it. All of our anxieties are higher than normal. No one is feeling super great about this situation, and we all say and do things we don’t mean from time to time. That’s okay. We’re human. What we need in times like this is to have empathy for each other.