Health Update

To start, this is a non-coronavirus related health update. I finally got my MRI results back last week. I had a MRI on my hip in January, as it has been a constant source of pain for the past few years. Most of my other body pain comes and goes, rotating around, except for my hip. It turns out I have a nondisplaced tear of my anterior labrum. That is what has been causing the constant pain.

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I have also been having a lot of pain down my thigh the past month. Same side – left. My rheumatologist told me that it is likely referred pain, as is the pain in my lower back and buttocks. Apparently, it’s fairly common with this type of tear. So, as I’m sure you’re wondering, how did I tear my hip. That I actually looked up on the Internet (yes, I know, not always a reliable source of info but I tend to stick to sites like the Mayo Clinic). Last year my rheumatologist told me I have hip dysplasia, which basically means my hip socket doesn’t fully cover the ball of my thigh bone. It’s genetic and there is nothing that can be done for it. Turns out, that can cause these types of tears. Go figure.

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Solution: Well part 1 is to go to physio as it can help. That being said I’ve had physio on my hip (as well as other areas of my body) for four years, so yes, it will likely be tailored to this specific problem now, but realistically it may not help much since it hasn’t in the past. The other problem is that of course, with Covid-19, the clinic is closed. So I’ll stick to stretches for now. The other option is surgery. My rheumatologist sent a referral over to the Orthapaedic surgeon. Who knows how long it will take to get to see him/her, and then s/he will decide if I do need surgery. So we’ll see.

IMG_6004Hospital waiting games…

For now, stay safe everyone and try not to go too stir crazy during self-isolation.