To Wait or Not To Wait…

Sometimes I struggle with what to go to my GP for and what to wait for my rheumatologist for. I usually reserve my GP for the basics – cold, flu, the stuff they are used to diagnosing and treating. However, once in awhile, when there is a long wait between rheumy appointments, it feels necessary to go in to check something else out. The only problem is that it is either a “wait for your rheumatologist issue” or a “I can run some general tests” issue. Neither of which is necessarily helpful. I get it, a general practitioner has generalized knowledge. Thus their abilities to help us with basic health concerns, immunizations, physicals, and providing referrals. The specific issues should be left to the specialists.

general practitioner with set iconsOkay this doesn’t resemble my GP but maybe it does someone’s!

What brings this up today is that I’ve had a really painful spot in my leg for a few weeks. At first I thought it was a muscle pull, but it hasn’t gone away. I had this once before and with stretches it eventually subsided. However, stretches seem to be of no use this time. It’s the same spot where I know there is a nerve (thanks to my physiotherapist and my chiropractor) so it’s possible it’s the nerve instead of the muscle. I have a rheumatologist appointment on March 13. A large part of me thinks I should just wait until then, and let her take a look. My mom suggested I go to my GP at least in the meantime, maybe get a cortisone shot. While I don’t think that’s a bad idea, I also think it’s likely my GP will use it as a “wait for your rheumatologist issue,” and also may not give me a shot because of wanting to consult with my rheumy. While March 13 isn’t far away, it’s still over 2 weeks. So there is a possibility that I’ll be living with this uncomfortableness until then.

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So how do I make up my mind on this one? To be honest, I’m not sure. But I’ll let you know how it goes.