Weather Fluctuations and Pain

Do you ever have days or weeks or months or years (wait, that’s the Friends theme song) – scratch that. I’m going to say that I’m in a flare that was literally brought on by the insane weather. Warm, freezing, warm, freezing, freezing, warm, warm, warm, freezing. I understand that climate change is happening, but my body would appreciate if Mother Nature would just pick a temperature. The other problem with the fluctuations in temperature is that it snows then melts than freezes, and then Kelsey falls on the ground because of the black ice and hurts her already hurting hip. I’m guessing I’m not the only Spoonie who has had that problem this winter.

IMG_5414Hello from my sloth jar. He makes me smile.

So what are some things that I can do for my hip, which is acting crazy, at this point? Well, I went to Physio today, which is always helpful. I’m also a big fan of hip stretches. I do a lot of them. Some given to my by my physiotherapist, and others by my chiropractor. Here are two of my favourites (I have no idea what they are called).

Hip stretches!

The other thing that bothers me a lot when the weather bounces up and down is my wrists (and my elbows right now too but that’s not as common). My physiotherapist also worked on those today. And then we tried taping them. I’m not sure how much of a difference it will make but it seems to be helping so far. Apparently one of her other patients has a lot of wrist pain and taping helps a lot. Fingers crossed it works for me.

IMG_5714One of my taped wrists.

Weather, weather, please pick a temperature, or just transport me to summer. Or even better, let me live in Southern California where is nice and warm.