Managing Your Health

I’m curious how other people manage all of their health and self-care needs. It can be overwhelming at times to make sure everything is taken care of and on point. For example, I’m terrible at remembering to take my medications at night (I’m great at it in the morning). Now, occasionally if I’ve gone out drinking, I will purposefully not take them, but that’s rare. Usually, it’s me being exhausted and just forgetting. I’ve tried reminder apps on my phone, but they are so easy to ignore.

IMG_5652An insider’s look at my medicine cabinet.

Appointments wise, I don’t usually have any issues, as I put them in my calendar on a day off. Or I book them off from work if I have enough notice. Either way, I know that if it’s a day off I have an appointment, so I can just hop into my calendar to be reminded of the time. Also, my main clinic gives me emailed reminders a day or two in advance. Putting them in my calendar is also a great way to manage the amount of appointments I do in a day. Typically it would just be one (usually for the week), but sometimes it’s two. Like next Wednesday, for example, I have a dentist appointment and then I’m going to see my naturopath.


Self-care activities are usually a priority for me, and can often be done around my crazy work, school, and volunteer schedules. A bath before bed (usually with a book in hand), unless I’ve gone out that evening. Gym in the mornings on my days off or when I close at work. Meditation is the only one that can take a hit. Ideally, I’d like to meditate for 10 minutes a day (eventually I’d like to get up to 20 but 10 isn’t easy right now). I have a great app that gives reminders if you want but since I don’t necessarily meditate at the same time every day, reminders aren’t overly helpful. Instead I put it on my “To Do” list for the day. Does this always work? No. I didn’t meditate on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, but I did Sunday, Monday, and today. I found putting it on my to do list has helped me do it more often.

IMG_5653I don’t exclusively use this app for meditations, sometimes I find them off YouTube or use a different app,
but this is my go-to lately.

Life is busy and hectic, and yet physical and mental health need to be priorities (especially if you have any kind of chronic illness)! It may be difficult, but finding ways to get everything straight (no pun intended) is essential.