Winter’s Back… Back Again

The way the cold affects my body is unbelievable… and unbelievably annoying. I know this happens every winter… though it’s pretty early and not supposed to quite be winter yet. Toronto just broke a 30+ year record for coldest temp on this day, and we’ve had early snowfall. Not impressed. And my body was the first to notice.

downloadToronto is a winter wonderland already.
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For starters, my joints and nerves all freak out when it’s cold. I tend to have a lot more pain, in most regions of my body, though my hips and hands are usually the worst. My solutions – layers upon layers… and then of course running into heated areas as fast as possible.

download-1.jpgA practical guide for those who don’t have to experience this weather.
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My back is also usually more sore in the cold. I often use my electric heating pad when I’m studying or sitting and watching Netflix, to provide some relief. And of course, hot baths a few times a week is great for my joints, muscles, nerves, and stress! At least once a week with Epsom salts, and the rest with bubble baths and sometimes essential oils.

download-2I wish my tub was this big.
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Work was unusually cold last week. My coworker and I could swear the heat was broken, but management told us we were crazy. Turns out, the heat was broken (and now has been fixed). My hands turned red in the store. My knuckles and fingertips were particularly bad. Though it didn’t quite look like pictures of Raynaud’s that I’ve seen online, I know that Raynaud’s is common in lupus, so possibly?

IMG_4652.jpgThis pic actually doesn’t make them look too bad. It was way worse in person. My coworker thought they looked terrible.

What I really need is to live in Southern California or somewhere else that’s really warm! Or at least moderately temperate. Somewhere that never goes into the minuses. Until then, I guess I’ll take my yearly vacation down south and make the most of it.

The dream. My most recent trip to LA (2018).