Healthy Eating & Pain Experiences in Costa Rica

Happy Wednesday everyone! This post is meant to conclude my little travel log about my Costa Rican adventure. It’s not easy having health issues while traveling, but hopefully what you’ve seen from my posts so far is that it is very possible! Eating healthy while on vacation is also very difficult. Chances are that if you go to an all-inclusive you’ll end up gaining a few pounds on vacation. However, our off-the-beaten-path adventure ending up being very good for my digestion (which is often out-of-whack) as well as my friend’s (and she has a number of allergies). Not only did neither of us get sick (everyone told us to worry about traveler’s diarrhea) but we both felt healthier than we ever do at home!

Just goofing around in Costa Rica.

How and why did we feel healthier? I’m not an expert but my best guess is because everything was locally grown, organic, and straight from farm (or ocean) to table. It was the freshest food I’ve ever eaten.

FrFkrEFaS52gqtuDO1gOne of our delicious breakfasts

Food highlights:

  1. Casada. We had this twice. Once on our first evening in San Jose. And then again after ATV-ing in Manuel Antonio. It’s meat (in my case fish), salad, fries (or beans), rice, and fruit. WYLJWMe9QdKU3T5V2IIvhQ
  2. Breakfasts typically come with eggs and a rice/bean mixture, as well as fresh fruit, which was my favourite part. Especially the pineapples! I even had a banana one day, which I don’t typically like, but it was incredible. 4jrX8OGgTYC0u66QTwKAzw
  3. One our first day in Monteverde I had the most incredible cheese covered corn and ceviche tacos. Again, not normally a big fan of corn but this was da bomb. VlUSOBOkQtax0TT2uGfZYA
  4. Off-the-ground mango. Mangos are ripe when they hit the ground. When we were at the Animal Rescue Centre our guide picked them off the ground and gave them to us. To die for. I could eat one every day of my life. I literally peeled it with my finger nails. JPv1JCb2RmqR7ddMynmxEQ
  5. Seafood. I’m a huge seafood lover. I could probably become a pescatarian. Fresh seafood is the best. I had seafood almost ever single day of the trip. From mixed fish grill to ceviche to calamari to a fish burger, it was all incredible. 9L8sTq0sTNSGsRGW%u00wQ
  6. And for dessert, the win goes to Vegan Chocolate Mousse. I know it’s available everywhere but I’d actually never had it before. It was so good that I ended up having it twice, the second time was on my birthday! kLRKHAzMRQmbgKWa1WVsGQ

Okay, enough about food, what about pain? Honestly the heat was so helpful that most of my daily pain alleviated, without my normal use of CBD or any intense pain killer. Other things that helped my pain were the salt water of the ocean, and the cool, refreshing water of the waterfall. The only day I really had pain was after driving into Manuel Antonio. Thus my need for a massage. I think I’m living in the wrong climate.