Review of “Ask the Doctor”

I recently watched a few episodes of Ask the Doctor on Netflix. Specifically I watched the episodes on Pain (surprise, surprise) and on Genes. I went on to the second episodes because, well, I guess I felt the first episode was good enough to give a second try. When the show first appeared on Netflix I was interested and immediately put it on my list. I always enjoy a good documentary or docuseries. Plus the content of this particular show peaked my interest.

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For those of you who haven’t seen the show, the Doctors in the show are all from Australia. They do some experiments, talk to experts in particular areas, and try to answer the mysteries and questions of some commonly discussed health-related issues. Literally things you would go see a doctor about. In the “pain” episode, they discuss common causes of pain, how our brain pathways affect our experiences of pain, and took some brain scans of one of the doctors while he was experiencing mild pain. In the “genes” episode, one of the doctors had a full genetic scan to see if he was a carrier for many prominent heritable genes.

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What I like about the show: It’s very informative. They try to give a lot of information without making the episodes too long (episodes are just under half an hour). Also, those lovely Australian accents are great to listen to, and all of these doctors happen to be very good looking (gotta love the entertainment biz).

downloadI wouldn’t mind any of them as my doctor 😉
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What I dislike about the show: They skimmed over chronic pain in that episode. Mostly what they did talk about for chronic pain just attributed it to our brains being too sensitive. There’s obviously a lot more to it in any illness or disorder that is known to cause chronic pain. That being said, “chronic pain” isn’t the title of the episode. Just “pain” is. Perhaps season 2 could delve more into this issue.

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I recommend this show if you have a particular interest in any of the topics, which in addition to the two listed above include obesity, diet, sleep, alcohol, exercise, gut, cold and flu, senses, and sex. It’s also nice because you don’t have to worry about watching every episode or the episodes in order. It’s more informative than entertainment – I feel like it would’ve belong on TLC (the channel, not the fabulous music group) in the ’90s.

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If you’re not feeling great, what should you do? Ask the doctor (well, actually tell the doctor, but same point). Have a great week everyone!