Foot pain

The past few days I’ve been experiencing almost crippling foot pain. Specifically, it’s on the ball of my right foot. All the way across. Pain level ranges from 7-8 and only occurs when I walk. Naturally, after a few days of this pain, I decided to research it online. Two research topics a) what could it be, and b) is this common with lupus.

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I found a forum that had other lupus patients complaining about crippling foot pain. The pain varied in location for different people. Most complained that their doctors didn’t do anything about it, or that their GPs ignored it while they were waiting for diagnosis. I also stumbled across a research study on SLE and metatarsalgia. As it turns out, metatarsalgia’s symptoms sound exactly like what I’m experiencing. According to the study 5.9% of SLE patients studied were experiencing this kind of pain.

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So today, like a silly person I go to a walk-in (my clinic but not my regular doctor) and ask him about it. He says it has to be planter’s fasciitis. It will go away on its own. I look up this planter’s fasciitis (on mayo clinic’s site because it’s legit) and that describes heel pain… so not what I have. I’m, once again annoyed, with the terrible answers I get from a GP. Luckily, I had a physio appointment after. I have a new physio (my old one moved to BC, which is sad because I loved him but this new one seems good too). She didn’t have a guess as to what the pain was, but said it might be connected to some other parts of my body being off as well. She worked on the foot, as well as my hip. The pain is maybe 10% better after the appointment, which is better than nothing but still not great.

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So far the consensus is to stay off my feet. Nearly impossible since I volunteer at the children’s hospital tonight, and then work tomorrow night and Thursday night. Maybe I can rest it on the weekend? Has anyone else experienced this kind of pain? I’d love to hear other stories and thoughts so feel free to comment on this or any other post I’ve done.