How I Survived Black Friday Weekend

Okay, to be honest, I’m not sure I actually did survive it. I mean most retail workers probably feel the same way, and Black Friday in Canada has become almost as big as it is in the States. The sales are ridiculously good and people are ready to start their holiday shopping. Since I’m a retail supervisor, for me Black Friday entails a 12 hour shift spent mostly running around. But not just on Black Friday, also the two days prior and the day after, (then I had Sunday off because it’s my day to volunteer at a children’s hospital), and of course Cyber Monday.

Our holiday tree display at work.

Surviving this type of craziness is tough for anyone. Now try adding in some chronic pain, fatigue, digestion issues and all that fun stuff and it’s nearly impossible. But I managed to make it through. Mostly because of the adrenaline rush that comes along when it’s super busy. My biggest mistake was that I didn’t rest enough on the first three shifts (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). I took 10-minute lunch breaks to eat and that’s about it. Saturday and Monday I took my full half hour breaks but those shifts I also only worked 8 hours instead of 12 so I wasn’t pushed as hard.

IMG_0017Took a walk on Sunday night to help destress from the weekend.

Now, of course, coming off the weekend (though extended Black Friday sale is this coming weekend), I’m extra tired, and extra sore, and decided this would be the week I started at the gym (just a short workout on Tuesday and a longer one with a personal trainer yesterday). If I’m going to keep surviving the rest of the holiday season I’m going to need to build my strength back up. On Tuesday, my rheumatologist told me she doesn’t think I should work in retail, but in the meantime I was like “gotta pay my bills.” Plus it’s not the long term plan, it’s the “get me through grad school” plan. I’ll sit more when I’m a psychotherapist.

First workout in years. Feels so good to be back at the gym!

To everyone who had a crazy Black Friday weekend, I hope you’re taking some time to rest up and recharge before the Holiday season gets any crazier.