Pain Effects on Appetite and Digestion

Does anyone else sometimes feel like they’re not hungry when having a bad flare? If I’m in a lot of pain, I can barely eat. It has to be quite a bit of pain for me to get that far, or a lot of bad pain days in a row, but it definitely seems to have an effect. Even more so though, is that foods will often not agree with me when I’m having a flare, no matter what I eat.

IMG_1322Love me some grilled calamari.

Case in point, the past few weeks, I’ll be hungry in the morning so I eat breakfast. I try to be healthy – gluten free oats, or eggs (scrambled, over easy, soft boiled – really any type) and then feel sick after. For hours. Mostly just nauseated and uncomfortable. What’s worse is that it’s foods that are supposed to be good for chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. Eggs have been kind of funny for me for the past few years, so it may or may not be disease related (they are funny for my brother too and he is perfectly healthy), but it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat, if I’m having a flare, food is bad in the morning. Though for the most part it is better later in the day, it really just depends on the day and what the food is for how I feel.

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As a result, I’ve been looking up some ways to decrease this problem. Here’s what I’ve found: eat more smaller meals or snacks, rather than a “breakfast, lunch and dinner” routine; even if you think you’re drinking a lot of water, drink more; make mostly homemade meals; and stay away from foods that agree with you the least.

fullsizeoutput_aa3.jpegHomemade is the best made.

As annoying as it is, and uncomfortable, we get through our flares, and for us foodies, back to our foodie lives.